Aussie Aviatrix Quilt-a-long Border Two: Meeting Rachael from Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow

Today we meet Rachael from Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow.  Rachael writes with a quirky sense of humour which I love and has recently published her first pattern.  I’m looking forward to seeing more from her.  I love that her Aviatrix Medallion is in more muted colours that some of the others; the range she has chosen are perfect for this pattern.

How are you going?  This border is a nice break for the tricky cutting and piecing we’ve had so far, isn’t it?  The thing I noticed with this border is that I need a new ¼” foot; it’s moved slightly so is not accurate.  Grr….

Here are my borders.  I haven’t placed them onto the medallion yet because I had this fancy idea half way through  that I might quilt as you go.  The jury is still out on that one; what do you think?  I really love this border; you can really see how the colours play together.

Border Two

Let’s meet Rachael….

(NB all photos below are copyright Sew Today Clean Tomorrow and are used with permission.)

1. Tell us a bit about you?

I am the Mum of one beautiful little hurricane. I spend my days making sure she doesn’t drink from the dog bowl or have her head stuck down the toilet. When she’s not up to mischief, I focus on quilting and my blog.

Rachael's First Quilt - from a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial

Rachael’s First Quilt – from a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial

2. I have a background in various aspects of IT including support, development, project management and training. It sounds a bit mad, but it’s actually been a fairly natural progression to move towards a tutorial style blog. I’ve been able to use a lot of the experience I’ve gained over the years and simply had to change the product. Instead of funky databases with whizz bang features, it’s funky quilts with whizz bang features.

3. When did you start quilting?

I only physically started quilting about three years ago. I say ‘physically’ because I’d been reading quilting books and magazines for years before that. To me, quilting was a bit like that Facebook friend that you’ve been chatting with for ages but never actually met.

I’ve always enjoyed crafty activities so knew I’d fall in love with quilting the minute I started…and I did. It was everything I wanted and more. Challenging, relaxing, artistic, individual and it even has a little Maths thrown in to really get my brain working.

Rachael's First Quilt using her own Pattern

Rachael’s First Quilt using her own Pattern

4. Tell us about your first quilt?

The first real patchwork quilt I made was for my Nan. I found a nice simple pattern on the Moda Bakeshop (sorry, I can’t seem to find the pattern link) and a beautiful Sandy Gervais range called Phenomenal Fall. My points weren’t fantastic and there was quite a bit of…um…shall we say ‘organic quilting’, but Nan loved it and that made me happy.

Rachael's Newly Published Pattern; It's All Black and White

Rachael’s Newly Published Pattern; It’s All Black and White

5. What’s your favourite part of the quilt-making process?

I actually enjoy most parts of quilt-making and it really depends on the quilt as to which is my favourite. I’ve had some where the cutting drove me bonkers, but I loved the piecing. Others I’ve sped through the piecing just so I could jump into the quilting. For me, it all depends on the quilt and my reason for making it. I will often make a quilt just to teach myself a new technique or to practise something that I’ve been struggling with. This could explain my rather impressive pile of UFO’s and quilt tops laying around waiting to be sandwiched.

Another Recent Finish - HSTs Forever....

Another Recent Finish – HSTs Forever….

6. What project are you currently working on?

Where do I start? Obviously the Aviatrix is high on my to-do list at the moment. I’m also working on a Christmas Table Run-along for Instagram this Friday.

I have a secret squirrel project, writing a basic quilt pattern for an Australian sewing supplies company. This is hugely exciting for me because, even though it’s a very simple pattern, it’s a leap in the direction I want to be heading.

Finally, I’m working on my first paid pattern. I’ve released free tutorials and a free pattern before, but never a paid one so this is a pretty big deal. I’m hoping it’ll be ready early next year. I’ll really be taking advantage of the holiday period to get a handle on this one.

Mixed Bag  Kit from Fat Quarter Shop

Mixed Bag Kit from Fat Quarter Shop

7. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging last year as a way to share my craftiness with friends without overloading their Facebook newsfeeds. It didn’t take long before I took a liking to it and starting picking up a few non-friend readers. I’ve had the usual ups and downs that everyone seems to experience when starting a blog, but I seem to have found my feet in the last six months and have some clear direction for the future.

8. What do you love about blogging?

My favourite part about my blog is the teaching aspect. I love writing tutorials, helping my readers with their queries and generally just watching them go from “Oh I’d love to try that one day but it’s far too complicated for little ol’ me” to “Here’s the latest quilt top I made. Next time I think I’ll try x y z with ‘insert fancy technique here’”.

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Scrappy Trip Around the World

9. What’s next for you – where do you see yourself in two/five/ten years’ time?

Eventually I’d like to focus mainly on tutorial/pattern writing. My goal is to be pattern writing for other designers (i.e. They create the design and I create the words).

I’m also thinking of revisiting a dream of mine, from many moons ago, about freelance writing for magazines. One of my future New Year resolutions is to submit a quilt or article to a magazine. I don’t expect it to be published. I just want to take that first step.

Until then, my goal is to just keep releasing my own patterns and try and enjoy the very small amount of time I have left with my princess before she starts school…at which time, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Where can we find you?


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Thank you Rachael for sharing your work with us!

Don’t forget to show us your progress on Instagram, and tag it with #aussieaviatrixqal so we can see what fabulousness you’re all up to!


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